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Szwedzka 4

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Hamilton Asset Management negotiated the forward purchase sale of 48 units in the Szwedzka 4 development between the property developer and a foreign PRS investor Van der Vorm Group.

In the lead up to the development’s completion, a marketing strategy was presented to the investor considering budgetary requirements and ensuring a proactive approach to the letting process.

While attention was paid to home staging and professional photos shoots, Hamilton’s team also provided a complementary project website www.szwedzka4.pl developed in-house.

The handover of the apartments was co-ordinated with the set up of an on-site letting office and the initiation of a series of direct, mainly online, marketing campaigns to attract prospective tenants.

The apartments were fully leased within a timeframe of 4 months and care of tenants handed over to the property management team. The property continues with close to 100% occupancy rates at time of writing.


Outsourced leasing

Hamilton group co-operates with Vonder Europe to assist with outsourced leasing services for its PRS investments in Warsaw.

Whilst Vonder organise direct leasing of the PRS schemes themselves, they saw value in engaging a 3rd party leasing partner with an established agency leasing service.

Subsequently Hamilton Group now successfully provides outsourced leasing services to Vonder’s Upriver apartments in Powisle and to the Doubios project in located in Srodmiescie.

We look forward to further building our relations with Vonder and continued success in delivering many high quality tenants moving forward.