Another successful transaction carried out by the Hamilton Asset Management Team in cooperation with a foreign investor from the PRS segment, Van der Vorm Group, was the intermediation in the sale of 56 premises located at al. Solidarności 12a in Warsaw's Praga district.

The cooperation in this project named Central Praga Apartments also included coordinating the rental services, property management and tenant care in cooperation with the building administration.

Commercialization of the investment began in February 2022 and was completed in less than 3 months. One of the main clients was a foreign company relocating its employees to Warsaw. Hamilton Asset Management's orientation to the client's needs and effective mediation in negotiations allowed the transaction to be closed in less than a month. Most tenants decided to continue their stay in the investment to this day, which emphasizes their satisfaction with the product and services offered.

All the apartments within the investment are fully equipped and ready to move in. The fit-out services were completed by an interior design studio. The furnishing was conducted in accordance with the investor's expectations, and Hamilton Asset Management again acted as a consultant based on its previous experience and market knowledge. The building's design and interior style perfectly match the character of the Praga Północ district and fit perfectly into its surroundings. In the near future, the investor plans to increase the attractiveness of the facility by placing a recreational garden for its residents.