Another foreign investor who has established cooperation with Hamilton Asset Management is the leading Scandinavian innovator, developer and real estate investor NREP. The cooperation included commercialization and marketing activities for the Lett brand created for these purposes.

The first project launched under the newly created brand was a building in Warsaw's Mokotów district, at Kłobucka 25. Lett Kłobucka is a 13-story high residential complex offering 116 apartments with various layouts, ranging from 25 m2 for studio apartments, ideal for singles, students or young working couples, to 76 m2 apartments with three separate bedrooms and spacious living rooms with a kitchen and two bathrooms, ideal for families with children. The estate is characterized by an attractive recreational space for residents, including a barbecue area, a playground for children and a basketball court. Additionally, all residents have access to a terrace located on the top floor of the building.

An interesting aspect of the investment is its openness to tenants from all over the world. This is an important element of social diversity, the basis of which was the ideal location in terms of professional and private obligations of the target residents, which had a positive impact on the sustainable development of the project, while ensuring investor satisfaction.

The situation on the PRS market when the project Lett Kłobucka was launched was dynamically changing in the context of the start of commercialization in November 2023. The increased interest in the real estate market and the rental efficiency of this investment were impressive - the Hamilton Asset Management team managed to rent 116, signing 2-3 contracts a day, ensuring full commercialization of the facility in less than 2.5 months. Currently, the facility is in the re-commercialization phase.