The second project commissioned for commercialization by the Hamilton Asset Management team as part of cooperation with the investor NREP in the development of the Lett brand was an investment in Bemowo, Warsaw, Lett Lazurowa.

The Lett Lazurowa investment represents is modern housing complex in Warsaw, which is an excellent example of the dynamic development of the PRS (Private Rented Sector). The complex is located in the dynamically developing Bemowo district and includes 104 apartments, including 20 apartments of a higher standard with spacious terraces and air conditioning. The investment is a perfect place for families with children, animal guardians, young professionals and students who are looking for comfort and peace, while valuing harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

The project was launched in May 2023 and encountered several challenges, which were successfully answered thanks to the industry knowledge and experience of Hamilton Asset Management Team. Our leasing team consists of highly qualified professionals who not only perfectly understand the real estate market, but also current trends and the specificity of local conditions. This allows us to effectively advise clients and make good decisions in the leasing process. Our strengths include thoroughness and precision in our work, as well as attention to every detail, from the verification process of potential tenants to effective presentations of apartments, which secures smooth transactions. Our effectiveness is also based on a strong customer orientation. Customer focus based on understanding the individual needs and expectations of each client allows us to adapt our approach to specific situations, build trust and contribute to long-term relationships, which are the key to our success. The effectiveness of our team is the result of the synergy of knowledge, commitment, innovation and focused customer service.